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JENSEN 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker

Product #: 1102094W
The 1102094W JENSEN Speaker is a 5.25" dual cone entry-level speaker. Enjoy mobile audio entertainment while on the road with these JENSEN Speakers.- SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.
Price: $12.99
Price: $12.99
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JENSEN 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker

JENSEN 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker

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Features for the JENSEN 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker

- 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker
- Max Power Handling: 24 Watts
- Speaker Color: White
- Sold Individually

Specifications for the JENSEN 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker

Weight (Lbs)
Overall Dimensions
Speaker Color
Sold as:
Max Power Handling (Watts)
Magnet (oz.)
Sensitivity @ 1W/1 Meter (dB)
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz)
Nominal Impedance (Ohms)
Grille Diameter (Inches)
Mounting Hole Diameter (Inches)
Mounting Depth (Inches)
Watertight Standard Compliant
Tweeter Type
Tweeter Material
Polypropylene Woofer Cone
Fs (/Hz)
Vas (/Ltr)
Xmas (/mm)
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Exposure Standard Compliant
ASTM D4329 UV Exposure Standard Compliant


Our hands on Engineering Research and Development team builds quality into our JENSEN & Voyager products from the beginning by expertly designing each product from the ground up and validating all designs through extensive testing that is primarily conducted in our own on-site test lab. Therefore, JENSEN Audio & Video products and Voyager Camera Systems offer MORE durability and performance than you would expect from standard electronics.

Temperature/Vibration Chamber

Long duration product exposure to constant random frequency operational vibration and non-operational vibration to simulate rugged road conditions.  Simultaneous temperature cycle and vibration exposure are also conducted for additional data that is relevant to detecting potential material/component weaknesses and calculating product life expectancy.






High/Low Operating Temperature

Long-Duration product exposure to operational temperature extremes and rapid temperature cycles that are experienced in outdoor mobile applications. In addition, we test for High humidity introduced at high-temp to test the effectiveness of circuit corrosion protection (conformal coating).


High/Low Storage Temperature

Ensures our products will perform even after prolonged periods of storage with no power in extreme hot or cold temperatures.


Temperature Cycle

Used to ensure powered components withstand temperature fluctuations.

Reviews for the JENSEN 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker

Product FAQs

  1. How do I get sound from my TV to play through my AWM970?

    You can connect the TV's AUDIO OUT to the AUX IN located on the rear of the AWM970. Depending on TV, you may need to turn the TV speakers OFF in the setup menu. Please refer to TV owner's manual. Click here

  2. Does the AWM970 play in surround sound? Is it 5.1 compatible?
    The system incorporates three two-speaker zones (A, B & C). These are independent two-channel stereo outputs. The unit will not operate as a 5.1 surround sound system.
  3. What do the A, B & C modes mean?
    This system incorporates three two-speaker zones (A, B & C). These allow you to turn the speaker zones ON/OFF as desired
  4. My Sandisk Cruzer USB drive won't work on my AWM970. Why?
    There exists a compatibility issue with these USB drives. Place a DVD disc in the disc drive before inserting your Sandisk Cruzer USB drive and it will then be recognized correctly.
  5. How do I view the iPod menu? It appears to be connected, but I can't operate it.
    The iPod menu and control is performed via on-screen menu from the AWM970 to your TV. Have your TV turned ON and to the input that your AWM970 is connected to in order to view the iPod menu.
  6. My clock is in 24-hour mode, how do I get it to 12-hour mode?
    This would indicate that the radio is set to EUROPEAN tuner mode.  Remove the unit form the wall and look for the switch on the rear near the disc drive area.  Change the switch setting from EURO to USA.  After making this switch, press the reset button, located on the front panel, near the DOLBY DIGITAL logo.
  7. Can I add SIRIUS or XM to my AWM970?
    You can connect any stand alone SIRIUS or XM tuner unit to the AUX IN.
  8. I plugged my MP3 player into the front AUX IN with a 1/8" stereo audio cable but I don't get any sound. Why?
    This is an A/V jack, not a standard audio-only jack. The AWM970 is supplied with a special Y-cable that converts the 1/8" A/V jack to A/V RCA jacks. You need to connect your MP3 player to the Y-cable.
  9. The MWR100 does not show any information on the display when connected to my AWM97. Is the MWR100 compatable with the AWM970?
    The MWR100 is not comaptable with the AWM970. THE MWR75 or MRF27RTL are fully compatable with the AWM970.
  10. Can I play Video from my iPod through the iPod input with the JIPDCBL cable?
    Video will not pass via the iPod dock connector through the JIPDCBL cable. Use of the iPod A/V cable (available through Apple) will be required. This will connect to the A/V Y-cable supplied with the AWM970 for connection to the front A/V Input.
  11. What is the "PINK +12V Trigger wire" for?

    This will provide turn-ON power to an external power amplifier or amplified antenna.

  12. Since SIRIUS and XM merged, can I use XM tuners in place of SIRIUS tuners?

    While SIRIUS and XM have merged, they operate different broadcasts and are separate services. The tuners are not interchangeable.

  13. I have SIRIUS Marine Weather in my boat. Can I use that with my JENSEN Marine SIRIUS-ready radio?

    SIRIUS Weather is a separate service from SIRIUS Radio programming. These devices are not compatible with JENSEN Marine SIRIUS-ready radios in a Direct Connect fashion. JENSEN Marine SIRIUS-ready radios require a dedicated SIRIUS Radio tuner for Direct Connect capability. You may connect the audio out from your SIRIUS Marine Weather device to your JENSEN Marine radio's Auxiliary Input.

  14. My radio is SIRIUS-ready. Where do I find the ESN#?

    The ESN# (SID#) is located on the SIRIUS tuner (sold separately). This # can be accessed through the radio's display when connected to the SIRIUS tuner. See the radio's manual for instructions.

  15. My radio says it is SIRIUS-ready. Why can't I get SIRIUS to work?

    SIRIUS-ready radios require a separate SIRIUS tuner module and SIRIUS antenna as well as a subscriptoin to SIRIUS Satellite Radio service.

  16. What is the code for your TVs that will work with my DirecTV/Dish Network/Universal remote?
    Please see Universal Remote Control bulletin under Support tab.
  17. Are your amps marine grade? Can they be installed where they will get wet?
    Our JENSEN Marine amplifiers are intended to be installed inside of a cabin or console area and should be protected from direct water contact.
  18. Where can I order replacement speaker grilles?
    Our JENSEN Marine speaker grilles are part of the complete speaker assembly and are not user replaceable.
  19. What enclosure do I need for this radio? I can't find one that fits?
    When properly installed, the MSR7007 is a fully waterproof model. It is intended for the front face to be exposed to water contact. As such, no marine radio enclosure is required.
  20. Can I view my rear camera while driving down the road or is it only visible while in reverse?
    Yes, you can view the camera when you are not in Reverse by operating in manual mode. See monitor's manual for instructions.
  21. I have a color LCD monitor, but my image is in black & white. Why?

    Most likely, the camera is a black and white model. Check the model of the camera to confirm capabilities.

  22. Do I need to connect the "Trigger" wires if I don't need the cameras to turn on with my turn-signals or back-up lights?
    No, you do not need to connect the Trigger wires in this case. In doing so, your monitor will always be in manual mode.
  23. The radio has four speaker outputs, but I only have two speakers. Can I combine or "bridge" the four outputs into two for more power?

    It is not recommended to combine or "bridge" the outputs as damage will occur. Use only the Front or Rear pair and insulate the unused wires to prevent a short. Use of an external power amplifier is recommended for applications requiring more power.

  24. When I insert a CD/DVD, it won't play and/or ejects immediately. What is wrong?

    The shipping screw is most likely still installed. Inspect the area over the dsc drive and remove the transport screw if found.

  25. My remote for my AWM970 will not work more than 6 or 7 feet away.  Is there something I can try to extend my remote range? 

    If you are getting limited distance from your AWM970, try turning off any florescent lights you may have in your RV. The lights could be causing interference with the remote. Try a new battery in the remote, the battery could be weak which would cause limited distance. If you are at an angle from the radio, make sure the remote has a clear view of the IR Eye sensor on the radio. Even if the display is visible, the IR Eye might be obstructed. An IR Eye extension can also be connected to the AWM970 to give you more range from the remote. The part number for an IR extension and extra 25 foot extension is IRPMRPT06 and IREXT25.

Questions about the JENSEN 5.25" Dual Cone Entry Level Speaker


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