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RV Subwoofers & Amps

Pump it up, amp it up, give it a boost. Along with a full line of JENSEN stereos and speakers, we've got the JENSEN subwoofers and amplifiers to give your sound that extra bass. Built for maximum clarity and durability, our JENSEN subwoofers and amplifiers are great for both indoor and outdoor RV entertainment.

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  1. JENSEN 4-Channel Amplifier

    JENSEN 4-Channel Amplifier


    Time to stretch your sound muscles with the POWER760 4 channel amplifier. It tops out at 760 Watts of peak power, has a protection circuit that safeguards against short circuits, DC offset and thermal overload, a channel mode selector which allows you to switch from 4, 3 or 2. It's time to include this audio 4 channel amplifier in your sound system.
    Price: $126.99

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  2. JENSEN 8" Amplified Subwoofer

    JENSEN 8" Amplified Subwoofer


    The JENSEN JXA8BA2 Amplified Subwoofer is an essential product to enhance the full, rich sound quality of a stereo system. The JXA8BA2 Amplified Subwoofer delivers superb sound quality due to the 150 Watts of power. Enjoy mobile audio entertainment with this Amplified Subwoofer by JENSEN.
    Price: $177.99

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  3. JENSEN 6" Amplified Subwoofer

    JENSEN 6" Amplified Subwoofer


    It is time for you to experience your favorite music in the rich, vibrant sound quality it was intended to be heard. The JENSEN MXA6BA Water-Resistant Amplified Subwoofer has been specifically designed to meet the needs of any mobile enthusiast, who demands their equipment be uncompromising in durability as well as quality. In addition, the MXA6BA amplified subwoofer has new Reflector Bass Technology that utilizes one active speaker and one passive speaker and no vent is necessary.
    Price: $226.99

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