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JENSEN AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo

Product #: AWM968

The newest product in audio entertainment is here! The JENSEN AWM968 AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo has all of the latest technological advancements to make sure you will have the best radio on the market. This stereo receives Bluetooth (A2DP, AVRCP) streaming audio from Bluetooth enabled audio sources such as a cellphone or other Bluetooth capable devices. Plus, the AWM968 features a front AV auxiliary input so you can take your digital library with you wherever you may go.

Sale: $229.99

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Sale: $229.99

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Save: $50.00

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JENSEN AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo

JENSEN AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo

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Features for the JENSEN AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo

  • Receive BT (A2DP, AVRCP) streaming audio from BT enabled audio source
  • 30 station presets (12AM/18FM)
  • USB input allows playback of MP3/WMA files from compatible flash drives
  • DVD plays CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD/DVD+R, DVD RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and MP3
  • Video format supported: CD-DA, MP3, WMA, Dolby
  • Blue backlit
  • Encoded volume control
  • Front A/V Stereo/Video 1/8" jack
  • Rear A/V out (chassis mount) fixed line level
  • Rear audio out (chassis mount) variable line level
  • 3-line power system
  • IR sensor on the front panel
  • Credit card remote control included

Specifications for the JENSEN AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo

Weight (Lbs)

Manuals & Guides for the JENSEN AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo

Troubleshooting Guides


Our hands on Engineering Research and Development team builds quality into our JENSEN & Voyager products from the beginning by expertly designing each product from the ground up and validating all designs through extensive testing that is primarily conducted in our own on-site test lab. Therefore, JENSEN Audio & Video products and Voyager Camera Systems offer MORE durability and performance than you would expect from standard electronics.

Temperature/Vibration Chamber

Long-Duration product exposure to constant random-frequency operational vibration and non-operational vibration to simulate rugged road conditions. Simultaneous temperature cycle and vibration exposure are also conducted for additional data that is relevant to detecting potential material/component weaknesses and calculating product life-expectancy.

High/Low Operating Temperature

Long-Duration product exposure to operational temperature extremes and rapid temperature cycles that are experienced in outdoor mobile applications. In addition we test for High humidity introduced at high-temp to test effectiveness of circuit corrosion protection (conformal coating).

High/Low Storage Temperature

Ensures your JENSEN products will perform even after prolonged periods of storage with no power in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Temperature Cycle

Used to ensure powered components withstand temperature fluctuations.

Reviews for the JENSEN AM/FM/DVD/CD/USB Bluetooth Stereo

Customer Reviews

  1. Functions as advertised - but...
    Review by FOLEYO on 7/23/2017
    Wow. The AWM968 came with new RV. Has more features than anyother RV audio system we've ever had. Everything works as advertised. But the display screen is too small to see across the width of the RV. What good is having a remote when you can't read the display from your chair. This unit has black letters on a blue/cyan colored screen. Enlarge the screen or change the color combination.
  2. Great product
    Review by Scott on 6/7/2017
    Lots of complaints on this Unit but I love it. Just bought our used Palimino and this was in it. Needed a replacement remote and customer service was fairly quick to respond from the website and gave me 15 percent off. For those of you looking for Blueray players and extra hook up connections like HDMI, I say....your camping. Your not suppose to have all the luxuries of life. Sit by the campfire or go fishing. You don't need blueray.
  3. Out Dated new Coachmen JENSEN AWM968
    Review by campnh on 5/22/2017
    I Just purchased a New Coachman Liberty Express, tried running a USB movie in MP4 format, it doesn't support it, Outdated Radio, Time for a Firmware update to 2017 from 2000, fix it make a camper happy !!!
  4. Seems like old Technology
    Review by mm9995 on 8/19/2015
    I have a 2015 RV with this unit. The shortcomings concerning lack of HDMI and other connections that have already been covered, I have 2 major complaints:

    1. We were on vacation last week and couldn't find a non-Blu Ray DVD movie to watch.

    2. It doesn't integrate to the TV so you can't use the stereo speakers in the RV We were forced to add a Sound Bar because the speakers in the Jensen TV were of such poor quality.
  5. Great Product!
    Review by Billstorm64 on 4/15/2015
    Everything works the way it is described in the manual. I'm very pleased with the overall operation and versitility of the AWM968.
    Only thing missing, as far as I'm concerned, is the ability to play Blu-Ray DVDs. Backward compatability could be maintained but it would bring the unit more up-to-date than it already is. Every coach built these days has an HDTV with HDMI connectors in it. Take advantage of this to upgrade an already great product!
  6. works nice
    Review by Bacon on 3/21/2015
    Why I only gave it a 3 is because it being a brand new stereo one set of wires for one speaker was bad had to hook it into a different set of wires that weren't being used. Not to bad of a job but shouldn't have had to work on it,because it was brand new in my toy hauler. Other wise great system.
  7. No WeatherBand??????
    Review by vhj on 10/18/2014
    Too bad Jensen has gotten cheap. Jensen removed the WeatherBand feature from their RV radio. This was a nice safety feature for campers.
  8. What? No HDMI?
    Review by skipper on 9/16/2014
    Lots of great features especially the Bluetooth input. But composite video output only? What's with that. Where's the HDMI output with CEC like the AWM975. And it also won't charge an iPhone.
    I'd pay the higher price for the AWM975 to get those features but then you lose Bluetooth.
  9. Great Player, lacks one thing...
    Review by hunter on 6/11/2014
    Nice unit, all works well, bluetooth works great. The only thing I wish, is with all the features it does have, you cannot play movies from USB. The option shows on the screen but you can't choose it. I have friends with an older RV's that plays movies from USB. You would thing in 2014 this would be a given. Time to get with the times...
  10. Great player, wiring harness must be improved
    Review by RV'ing with Beagles on 4/6/2013
    Replaced the AWM970 that came with our RV with this device. Would be great if the wiring harnesses were interchangeable or if an adapter were available to interface the 968 to the existing 970 harness but none are listed on the website. The unit fits the existing mounting spot and even the screw holes. You may need slightly longer RCA cables as they now plug directly in to the back of the unit (no pigtails). Your 970 accessories are no longer supported including the extended IR remote sensor and iPod cable (the latter no longer needed for most new iOS devices as you can use Bluetooth instead).
    A very frustrating issue is that after ~90 minutes of disconnecting the old wiring harness and connecting the new one (hint: if your RV is like mine and the RVs wiring isn't labeled, use the chart on the top of the 968 and 970 to make a table of which wire replaces which and it will make life easier) two of the wires came right out of the new harness (pins 15 and 16), shorting out one power was applied and blowing a fuse in the RV. After another few minutes of trying to reinsert these into the bracket they popped out of I was able to replace the fuse and complete the install.
    The main reason I purchased this is the Bluetooth functionally and I'm pleased with it. Streaming works well from outside the RV and volume adjustments are permitted from the device. Tested it from several devices including IPad 2, iPhone 4S and a Samsung Android device. Overall happy with the device but remain concerned about those 2 loose pins in the bracket.

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